Explore Miami by the Beach, Miami Sailing!

Are you sick of partying all weekend nights or swimming topless in the clear blue waters of Miami? I know that sounds impossible but if you're looking for a unique and extraordinary thing to do in this big city, you can count on this blog. Well, you really should know that there is no shortage of fun-filled things to do in Miami, especially when you’re really in for a ‘real’ vacation.

A good way to treat yourself out and your friends is to go on sailing. Yes, you heard that right, Sailing! With all its wonderful beaches, humid climate and unique sailing conditions, it’s not surprising how Miami could offer an amazing chance and a new way for tourists to witness their skyline and the beauty of the entire city. Sailing, that is! Sail away in South Beach and Biscayne Bay, and get a feel of the ocean breeze. Explore the city of Miami by the beach.  

 For guys finding the perfect timing, or the best place and most romantic way to propose marriage to their girlfriend, this could be it! Going on Miami sailing could also be the perfect way to spend holiday weekends, birthdays and anniversaries, or it could be the perfect surprise gift.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy when you’re sailing on Miami Beach, at the same time, a good preview on what sailing charter services have to offer:

Romantic Touch. Hopeless romantic couples would definitely love the spectacular view of the sunset from the boat, plus the romantic dinner meal made of delicious lobsters. During night sailing, drink some wine while enjoying Miami skyline by the night.

Adventure. Those who love adventure would be thrilled with spending a half or whole day sailing plus snorkeling and kayaking.

Spectacular Views. Take a closer look around the entire city of Miami on day sailing. Night sailing trips, on the other hand, will give you the chance to view the magnificent Miami skyline during the night. 

 Marine Life. You and your kids will enjoy the blue waters and may witness some dolphin show live while you’re on sailing.

Privacy. A lot of tourists visit Miami year-round, and sometimes you can’t help but want a more private way to explore the city, being just with your own group. Private yachts and sailboats cater groups of 6 or 12 people along with a licensed captain and tour guide as well. Now you could roam the entire city of Miami without bumping with other tourists.

Food. Private charter services don’t let your tummies complain in hunger while you’re on sailing. They offer delicious lunch or dinner, refreshing sodas and healthy snacks.  

More Fun. Swimmers could show off their swimming skills by diving into the open water.

 Before you go on Miami sailing, make sure you plan this ahead of time. This would be the most important step that’s often taken for granted due to over-excitement.

Contact and arrange the right private sailing charter services, book your flights and buy tickets weeks or months before, and rent a shuttle which would take you directly from MIA( Miami International Airport) to Miami ports where your prearranged charter boat, yacht, or vessel is docked in, waiting for you.

If you’re staying overnight or the whole weekend, be sure to get an overview on the list of cheap hotels in Miami that still offer good amenities. Most of the planning requires you a pen, an organizer (perhaps), internet for research and of course, your phone for calling and arrangements. But the planning doesn't stop there. Here are some useful pre-sailing tips:        

  • Bring your bikinis with you in case you couldn't resist the tempting waters.
  • Wear light clothes and flip flops so you can easily roam around the charter boat.
  • Wear your cool RayBan or some designer sunglasses, the sun's rays could really be bright.
  • And lastly, don't forget your cameras with you. You wouldn't want to miss taking lovely photographs in every second of your sailing experience.
I guess with all these tips, you can have an unforgettable Miami sailing experience. Happy Sailing! 


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